The Bloat

This week has been all about Band Momming, Tornado Watching, and Jobbing.
The band mom part was fun. The rest is all stress, all the time. Tornado sightings for two nights already this week and it’s only Tuesday. Leave work, park in front of the TV and watch meteorologists compete with each other across channels for the prime shot of a funnel.
It’s quite entertaining.
And in Oklahoma, this is really a Spring sport. October storms, well, that’s extra.
As with most sports — all the ones I watch: Superbowl, tornado chasers, and Band; they’re sports, prove they’re not — I snack.
My new snack of choice: Julio’s Original Seasoned tortilla chips.
To know: I’ve been curbing the gluten since the first of September in solidarity with my Bubs’ sensitivity to the carb loaded glue that makes bread taste oh-so-good.
Thus the tortilla chips; no gluten, still fun.
Perhaps I’ve indulged overly much in my gluten-free lifestyle, because after so much time Tornado Sporting and Tortilla Gulping. well, it’s no fair at all, but my Go To Shorts did NOT rise properly up my suddenly bloated thighs. No forgiveness whatsoever; two excited puffer fish, those are my thighs.
Who knew that excessive salt was so cruel?
Today, I threw myself into the Diet Overload: no carbs, no gluten, no salt. Can you believe it? It’s awful, after so many days of gluttony, nada.
And a tornado is bouncing across the state. Come on! I’m human! What fun snack is there for me NOW? I mean, my goodness, the funnels are up and down and running and being chased by hordes of people. Stress is high, snacks are required! n
But my big ol’ thighs say no.