Week 3: the Struggle is Real

This very morning I sat in my kitchen with Ben and Jerry clutching a spoon suspended a hair’s breath above One Sweet Whirled when I heard the voice of my trainer, “Would this fulfill you or just fill you?”
I’ve heard her say before, “If it’s something you need emotionally, eat it. Otherwise, it’s a meh.”
My thighs screamed, “Listen NOT to the voice of reason!” over the whisper of my heart: “Yeah…this is a ‘meh.'”
Proud of the fact that the pint went back into the fridge.
Then I ate 78 grams of protein to counteract the need for sugar. Win!
But don’t tell the trainer that even my heart could NOT resist a shortbread cookie straight from an online recipe for Biscuits with the Boss. (If you don’t know about Ted Lasso, please run to any streaming device and rectify that lack immediately.)
So I WON…then I lost a little bit…but then I went to yoga.
See? Week 3 of Aging Gracefully — at Least with Less Whining — is going swimmingly!
Now for Day 2…


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