Car People

My Bubs and I are Car People.
Who knew?
What started with a movie coercion–the Bubs hates theatres–erupted into a newly found obsession with cars: pretty ones, with shiny chrome and guttural exits.
Because before the film, we nibbled at popcorn during the commercials when lo and behold, up popped an ad for a show called “Grand Tour,” which we immediately found upon arrival at the casa. One too-quick two-season streaming binge led to dabbling within around 17 seasons of “Top Gear.”
Television perusal I would not have seen if not for dragging the Bubs to see…whatever that movie was…I’m sure it was great.
(I’m sure it was a top quality film, Oscar-worthy, but perhaps not memorable…)
Between episodes of “Top Gear,” the Bubs and I are ever on the lookout for “cool” cars, which led to the City and a car show.
I’ve noticed our ideas of “cool” often differ.
Where I appreciate “Muscle” or “Cute,” Bubs raves over “Tech” or the vehicles he dubs with the obscure-and-can’t-quite-be-pinned-down term, “Sweet.”
Whatever the verbiage, I’m sure my boy and I are saying the same thing, right?
Anyway, he’s young. He’ll learn.
I’m kidding! Of course he’s not going to like the same style as me. It’s personal taste. And again…he’s young…and he’s still in training.


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