King: She’s so “Beautiful”

My divine mother got two tickets to the Carole King musical, “Beautiful,” playing in the City’s own Civic Center Music Hall last blustery-chilly-rainy night.
Carole King! Whose Tapestry album played so often atop my LP stereo that its grooves were no longer distinguishable.
(It was my mother’s album…ahem. Sorry, Mom. I seem to confess too much on this blog…)
We were behind the pit…we were seated on the floor…we were practically counting sweat pores on all the stage players…and it was pure fun, a romp through the late 1900’s so fun I found myself bobbing in my seat. (I’m sure that defies some sort of Broadway Show Etiquette rule that those of us accustomed to the nosebleed section of the theatre do not know. (Really. I looked up toward where I’ve sat before, and gosh, the Could-Have-Been-Me in my seat looked like an ant, one leaning way back in its seat with Kleenex stuffed in her nasal orifice. Been there, done that.))
A few things I learned last night:
1. We were all dancing dorks. Granted, we had a great time, lovingly blissful, dancing in shiny suits and beehive ‘do’s with arms waving and butts wiggling and all the while having an absolute blast. Which brings me to number two…
2. I could never have been selected for any upright musical group ever ever ever…Why? Bat flaps. While the lovely ladies attired in strapless satin dresses and office pumps on the stage were parade-waving, elegantly swan-like with their balletic arms, I knew if I tried the same, I’d knock the Do-Wopper next to me unconscious with the extra selvage beneath my upper arm and while I would be remorseful, my defense would certainly be that I had no control; I was not able to stop the onslaught. Once that skin gets to moving, it’s its own tidal force and must come to rest in its own good time. Bummer. Dancing do-woppingly would have been fun until the waving started.
3. Magical costume changes! I don’t know how they did it, but the actors were donned in Everyday Wear one second and Right Before My EYES — no exaggeration — they pulled a David Copperfield and were suddenly –SUDDENLY! — wearing sateen any prom queen would pull another girl’s hair for. Magical, I tell you!
4. I now have a visual for “The Locomotion.” I’d always sung it, and moved my then-young-unstretchy arms in a facsimile of something train-like, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. The true “Locomotion” requires far more cardiovascular interaction than I attributed to it. Those singing actor geniuses were sweating! I admit, I never once sweat while rendering my weird Loco-movements, thus I was doing them all wrong.
5. Carole King — funny, brilliant, prolific, an artistic phenom. I had no idea the breadth of her repertoire until last night. She and her writing partners were all over the musical map with the scope of lyrics they contributed to the musical world and I’ve never had so much fun sitting in one place — knees wiggling, head bobbing, burning up the sit-in-one-place calories — as when I watched “Beautiful” with my mother.
6. Art is so damn sexy.


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  1. That is awesome! I’m so glad to hear it as I will be attending he same show on Saturday! Not floor seats, not nosebleed seats, but somewhere in between.

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